WoW Ships Based on Real-Life Yachts and Boats

Having your own army in the World of Warcraft requires you to have a way of transporting them between various region of the game’s world, and since some of the regions are far apart, one of the best ways of doing this is by using ships. In the past versions of the game, World of Warcraft did not have a naval feature.

However, a new version of the game has been introduced, World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, which unlocks new features, including allowing level 100 and above players who have attained Garrison Commander rank, and with a level 3 garrison to construct a shipyard. The shipyard can the be equipped by building real life ships such as the amazing pirate boat Calico Jack, which you can then dispatch to various naval missions.

Types of ships you can build in World of Warcraft

After constructing a shipyard, there are various types of ships that you can build to boost your naval power. These include:

  1. Battleships for combat abilities
  2. Transporters for carrying your crew
  3. Submarines – for when you need to sneak on enemy vessels and launch attacks without being detected
  4. Carrier ships – for deploying your bombers, which then allows you to attack enemy vessels from the air
  5. Destroyers for countering the action of enemy submarines

The type of ship you decide to build will determine its appearance, as well as the initial ability that the ship is given. For example, a transport ship is designed to transport your crew to various continents of the game world during a naval mission, and it can be able to have various sea threats it comes across during the course of the mission.

A battleship on the other hand will allow you to initiate combat action, and it is also designed to provide your naval fleet with strong combat support during the fighting. Battleships are also designed to launch long-range artillery strikes, which helps you to sink enemy vessels.

Your ships can also have other abilities that include:

  1. Salty Crew – an ability that increases the chance of success during combat by 10%
  2. Unsinkable – an ability that provides your ship with strong protection from fatal shots during fighting
  3. Trained Shark Tank – an ability that allows you to easily navigate rough waters during combat, especially those that are filled with mines. It also gives your ship some pretty powerful guns, which increase the naval power of your fleet.

How to build BOATS AND ships

Building ships in World of Warcraft is quite easy. To start, you need to go to your garrison and construct at least a level 1 shipyard, which will allow you to start building your first ship. From here, you just need to choose the type of ship you want (preferable if you start with a transport vessel and then expand to other vessels that have more combat capability.

On you complete building you boat, you can then select the crew that will man the ship; which can include human crew, elf crew or goblin crew depending on your preferences. The ship also comes with important equipment that helps you to navigate the seas while on naval mission. Once the ship has been equipped with a crew, you can dispatch it on a naval mission, and start building another one to boost your fleet.

Building World of Warcraft ships based on real vessels

The most exciting thing about building ships in World of Warcraft is that the ship designs can be based on real vessels. As a result, you are likely to come across several ships in the game that are very similar to real life boat, for example, you might come across the liveaboard diving yachts that are found in the Indonesian region, which are popular among diving enthusiasts. One of these pirate style boats is the previously mentioned Calico Jack, a very beautifully designed boat that offers diving, surfing, and other adventure cruises around Indonesia.

Built using a beautiful, a traditional Indonesian sailing ship design, the Calico Jack diving yacht has an overall length of 30 meters, and comes with a twin engine that delivers cruising speed of 8 knots (can reach a maximum speed of 12 knots). As you can see on Wikipedia, the boat is quite spacious with 5 luxurious cabins, as well as several other communal living amenities that include a galley, lounging areas, sundeck, and outdoor living area. This beautiful design makes the ship a great addition to your World of Warcraft shipyard, and it can function well as a transporter ship for moving around the different continents in the game’s fantasy world as well as for moving your army during various naval missions.

Therefore, when you come back home from a sailing holiday, as I did  recently, you can keep the memory of your trip alive through the World of Warcraft game. Using any boat’s details, you can be able to build ships that are similar to the boat you stayed on, or any vessel for that matter.

The type of boats people will be making in the game is yet to be seen, but its going to be interesting seeing how people interact with my new ship when it’s completed. Sailed past me recently in WoW? Drop me a line and I will invite you to come aboard!


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