Things I Love About World of Warcraft

I had been considering the purchase of World of Warcraft for some time but I was worried about two aspects, the first was the cost, both the original outlay and the monthly subs, and the second was that I am not very good at managing my time, and I knew WoW would take ups huge amount of it.

Last month however, I had a great win on poker at, which took care of the financial side of WoW, and having decided that I simply must manage my time better, I bought the game. As expected, I absolutely adore this game, and here is why.

Not Left Behind

The first thing to mention is that I am very late to the WoW party, given that the game is almost 15 years old. What has always impressed me is that there are some gamers who have been here since the beginning who still love the game, which is impressive given that most games are outdated by now. Despite the fact that I arrived late, this is a game which is still fresh and has been kept that way thanks to a number of patches and updates.

The Characters

The character creation in this game is breathtaking and the attention to detail in each of the characters is really incredible and very well done. I love that you can add your own personal touches too, regardless of whether you are making an Orc or a human.


Whilst I do like silly games, I much prefer a game which has a solid storyline and one which is worth following, this is just what I love about WoW. This game not only manages to give you a narrative with which to follow but it has also created a backstory and a history to the game world, complete with legends, myths and unsolved mysteries of the universe.

So Much to Do

This game can actually leave you a bit over-awed given the huge magnitude of things to do. There is never a dull moment in WoW and whether you are putting work into your next creation, looking to solve puzzles, fighting or defending, it is fair to say that you simply cannot get bored playing this game. This is why time management is so important for gamers because you could very easily lose a day or two without even noticing it!


I love the fact that there are small touches of reality throughout WoW, be it in the storyline or in the items themselves. For example you can create ships which exist in real life, there are storylines which doff their cap to the history of our own world, and there are a number of traits, mannerisms and items throughout the game which have their foundation in actually reality, a world which you may forget after playing the game for a while.

Have you started playing on WoW yet? What do you love most about it?